Customer Reviews Policy

Everyone loves reviews - they're an essential part of the decision-making process. We encourage you to share your reviews and personal experience with our products to provide helpful information for other customers. Glasshouse Fragrances takes certain steps to ensure that product reviews left on our website are authentic and a trustworthy source of customer feedback. Reviews must comply with the policies below.

Writing a Review

A customer can leave a review on any product by visiting the product page on our website, clicking on write a review and completing the form. Name, email address and headline are mandatory fields to help us ensure reviews are left by real people and not bots. Only a customer’s name, location, rating and review are published onsite.

If you choose to submit a review, you give Glasshouse Fragrances permission to use, reproduce and publish that content in a worldwide, royalty-free manner.

You also permit Glasshouse Fragrances to publish your name, location as well as your review.
By publishing a review you confirm that you are at least 16 years old or have obtained consent by your legal guardian to use the site and publish content.

Content Moderation

Whilst we take genuine care to ensure that all product reviews are authentic, we cannot completely rule out the chance that false reviews may be submitted.
All reviews left onsite are moderated by our customer service team. We publish all reviews so long as they are relevant and appropriate. We may reject a review if it contains profanity, is defamatory, contains reference to a competitor’s product or is deemed spam.  Glasshouse Fragrances reserves the right not to publish a review or remove a review that it deems inappropriate.

We will never reject a customer review solely based on a low star rating or negative sentiment nor do we edit a customer review.

 Reviews are published on the specific site region which they are left. For example, reviews left of will only appear on the Australian site. Reviews left on will only appear on the New Zealand site.

Reviews left prior to Feb 2020

Glasshouse Fragrances underwent a refresh in 2020 where the wax used in our candle was changed from a paraffin wax to a proprietary soy-based blend wax to deliver the purest and cleanest burn possible. The candles continue to be triple scented, and the change did not result in a difference in the ‘throw’ of the fragrance, however all reviews left before this time are based on the earlier paraffin wax.