Buying something special for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy. No matter howwell you know them, it can be tricky to find a thoughtful gift they a) don’t already own and b) will actually enjoy. Enter: fragrance. A perfect present for the most romantic day of the year, a scented gift can be nostalgic, exciting, transportive – even adventurous. Imbued with all kinds of emotion, it’s on brand for the holiday.

Not sure what sort of fragrance gift to shop for the object of your affection? We’ve got some A+ ideas.


100mL Eau de Parfum, $139

If you’re hoping to convey devotion with a super-special gift, you can stop scrolling right here. This luxurious gourmand floral fragrance blends sweet Sugar Cane, Caramel, Vanilla Orchid, Coconut Water and a sparkling Sea Accord to sumptuous effect. The only thing better is plane tickets to the Polynesian island it pays homage to.


380g Soy Candle, $54.95

A no-brainer gift for Valentine’s Day (the name says it all), this whimsical Sugar Dust and Lily scent evokes the kind of romance they write love poems about. Inspired by spun sugar and classic blooms, it layers jammy Marmalade and an interesting Ozone Accord over the top of Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and rich Brown Sugar.


380g Soy Candle, $59.95

Better than a bouquet of the real thing, this Blossoms and Blooms fragrance is dazzling in its likeness. Innocent yet intoxicating, it melds crisp Green Apple with the heady sweetness of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Orange Blossom. Unlike your affections, it’s strictly limited edition, so don’t wait to express your desire.

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380g Soy Candle, $54.95

Is there another place on earth as enchanting as Paris? (Probably not – it is known as the ‘City of Love’.) Transport your beloved there with this rich, mysterious scent. An olfactory oasis, it’ll leave them starry-eyed. Expect notes of zesty Bergamot, powdery Violet and sweet Lily of the Valley balanced with warm Cedarwood.