No returns necessary - these Valentine's Day fragrance gifts are keepers.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we're delving into the world of romance-soaked scents to help you find the perfect fragrance gift for your special someone. The right perfume can evoke tender emotions, create lasting memories, and add an extra touch of intimacy to the occasion. While we have an extensive (and ever-expanding!) Eau de Parfum range, we’re spotlighting three of our bestselling fragrances in this mini Valentine’s Day gift guide. Ready to explore three of our most passionate, enchanting and captivating EDPs?


100mL Eau de Parfum, $139

Indulge in the alluring embrace of this delectable gourmand, where each note unfurls like a tender confession of passion. Enveloped in exotic white florals, delicate jasmine sambac intertwines with velvety sandalwood, sweet vanilla orchid and fresh coconut water, mirroring the gentle caress of a tropical breeze. Sun-dried driftwood adds an earthy depth, spinning a tale of devoted romance dedicated to the object of your affection.

A Tahaa Affair Devotion Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml & 100ml.


100mL Eau de Parfum, $139

This tantalising parfum unveils the mysteries of a sensual, exotic chypre. Its captivating dance of saffron and rose will delight their senses, wrapping them in a warm embrace of amber and a moss accord. A seriously sensual valentine, it holds whispers of hidden desires, lingering glances and romantic rendezvous. Reserved for the romantically bold, it’s an evocative blend that leaves an impression of grace and intrigue that lingers.

Midnight in Milan Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml & 100ml.


100mL Eau de Parfum, $139

This powdery floral echoes the timeless elegance and enchantment of the Italian Renaissance. Envelop your love in its timeless beauty, with a bouquet of peonies, lilies and jasmine, accented with soft musk and sweet peach. Reminiscent of stolen glances and shared endearments, let the allure of this exquisite fragrance transport your partner to an era of storied romance, where each note becomes a chapter in your shared story.

Forever Florence Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml & 100ml.