The Perfect Singles Day Gift-to-Self Does Exist - and We’ve Found It

If you’re unfamiliar with Singles Day, let us fill you in. Now the world’s biggest online shopping sale, it was originally created as an anti-Valentine’s celebration by a group of university students in China. Since 2009, it’s been celebrated on November 11th because the numeral one (repeated four times on this date) is said to symbolise a single person. As honouring singledom as a legitimate life choice has become more mainstream (think Emma Watson identifying as “self-partnered”) it has evolved into a reminder to appreciate yourself.


Camellia & Lotus

Twist & Spray Refillable Atomiser

Is there anything better than a refillable atomiser? (Trick question, there’s not.) Expect a sensual blend of amber, camellia and lotus lightened up with a splash of zingy pineapple. This modern oriental scent is one you won’t have trouble coupling up with.

signature scents gift set

Assorted Fragrances

Twist & Spray Refillable Atomiser

Enliven the atmosphere with a generous spritz from this Limited Edition twist & spray atomiser. With three signature scents to rotate morning, noon, and night.

midnight in milan

Saffron & Rose

Essentials To Go

Discover the dynamic combination of rose, buttery saffron and moss in this Limited Edition fragrance set. Contains 1 x 60g Soy Candle, 1 x 14mL Eau de Parfum in a mettalic gold cosmetic bag.