This Mother’s Day, Glasshouse Fragrances is proud to present Touch the Sky, our new limited-edition home scent.
Intended to capture the essence of the most powerful, nurturing and beautiful women in your life, it was created in
conjunction with some of the world’s leading perfumers. We also collaborated with contemporary Indigenous artist
Rachael Sarra on a custom artwork and inspired-by product packaging to bring the fragrance to life. (Rachael is a
First Nations artist from Goreng Goreng Country, aka central Queensland, who uses her incredible art as a tool for
storytelling around Australian Aboriginal culture.)

Inspired by the uplifting beauty of fluffy clouds suspended in a sorbet sky, Touch the Sky is a dreamy blend of
zesty pink grapefruit and mandarin tempered with ambered florals (think: peony, rose and sweet pea.) Whimsical but
with a sense of earthiness, it pays tribute to feminine strength and power as a force of nature.

"She’s a force of nature. Beautiful. Confident. Strong.

She’s a mother, a daughter, a sister, your friend. Her femininity is her strength."

Available in 60g and 380g Soy Candles and a 250mL Fragrance Diffuser, Touch the Sky is the perfect way to treat
the women in your life this Mother’s Day. (That’s right – it’s a great gift for sisters, aunts and friends, too.) The packaging
features Rachael’s bespoke artwork, showcasing its colours and organic shapes – every element a nod to Australia’s
stunning natural elements – in a symbolic representation of the fragrance.

Top: Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Pineapple, Red Fruits
Middle: Rose, Peony, Geranium, Sweet Pea, Lychee, Plum
Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla