Few scents manage to capture the evocative essence of the holiday season quite like Night Before Christmas. The jewel in the crown of our holiday collection, this now cult-status scent was conceived back in 2006. A celebration of the festive spirit in fragrance form, it has held a special place in the hearts of Scent Addicts since its debut. Today, it’s still a cherished tradition in many homes and a key part of our seasonal offering.

The kind of fragrance destined to underscore cherished holiday memories, it’s almost an olfactory soundtrack. Imagine: in the quiet hush of the night before, a symphony of scent dances through the air. Plum, blackcurrant and redcurrant mingle, evoking beloved fairy tales and the glow of a twinkling Christmas tree.

As night deepens, the heart of the fragrance unfurls, calling forth visions of plum puddings and sugared confections. Lemon and lavender add zest, infusing the scent with spark. Beneath it all, base notes of musk, oak moss and spice weave together the familiar and the magical for a truly special and sensorial experience.

This year, the vessels and packaging of our Night Before Christmas offerings are a visual marvel. (So, too, the entire An Extraordinary Holiday collection.) Created alongside artist Michelle Pereira, the designs centre around The Grand House, the heart of this year’s theme. Every piece in the lineup is adorned with a bespoke cast of whimsical characters set in charming Christmas scenes. Imbued with feeling, they draw you into their world of wonder. These sweet tableaus stir the imagination, acting as a perfect prelude to the scents within.

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