Along with warmer weather and all-you-can-eat Calippos, summer offers the opportunity to play with a new signature scent. Looking for something season-appropriate? Long sultry days call for fresh fruity-florals that sing on sunkissed skin. Enter: Glasshouse Fragrances Limited Edition Sunset in Capri 14mL Eau de Parfum.

Originally launched as a limited edition soy candle in Summer 2018, the call from customers to bring back this sea breeze-spiked scent was so strong that we’ve reintroduced it for a limited time as an EDP so you can enjoy it wherever you are. (Fun fact: All of our scents start life as fine fragrances)

Completely addicting, it’s evocative of an Italian holiday romance - real or otherwise. Sunset in Capri opens with juicy notes of mandarin and white peach. The heart blends sweet jasmine and soft lily to temper a striking marine accord in the base, revealing a full and complex fragrance profile. One spritz and you could be strolling along the idyllic Capri coastline, hand in hand with your summer romance, at nightfall.

The handbag-sized glass bottle is tinted a pink, lilac and blue ombre and has gold accents in homage to the magical moment the blazing summer sun falls below the horizon, sinking into the Tyrrhenian Sea as it sets.

This Truly Addictive Fragrance Will Make You Smell Like Summer


14mL Eau de Parfum

An energising, citrus, floral fragrance to rouse the senses. Notes of Mandarin and White Peach, ally with Jasmine and a fresh Marine Accord, to set the scene for the magical moment the sun kisses the sea.



Top: Cassis Bud, Mandarin, Green, Peach
Middle: Jasmine, Lily, Peach
Base: Amber, Musk, Marine Notes


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