Pick the right fragrance, and you won’t even need your morning coffee.

Fragrance can tap into your mood like no other sense does. That’s thanks to the olfactory nerve having a direct link to the part of your brain which impacts emotion and memory. So, if you’re only utilising fragrance at home to create a sense of calm, you’re missing a great opportunity. Biohack your day by starting it with the right scent. Whether washing your hands with a fresh, zingy scent that is going to boost energy or lighting a clean, clearing
candle to refresh and fire up your productivity, here are the scents which will start your day better than a double shot espresso.


Team your breakfast fruit salad with Pear & Lime. Set the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion at the kitchen sink to use just before you face the day. The uplifting combination is vibrant and juicy, with rich base notes that make it moreish. After applying the Lotion, rub your hands together to create warmth, then hold them over your nose, close your eyes and breathe in –
it’s a power punch to the senses that will give you a pep in your step


If it’s a busy day you’re due to face, then light the wick on an Oceanique candle. It’s a fresh fragrance inspired by a coastal breeze designed to energise and cleanse. Notes like orange blossom and bergamot invigorate, while lavender and sandalwood give a sense of calm – the perfect accompaniment to a morning meditation or workout.


To boost a flailing mood, or just to pull you out of a flat spot, Cotton Flower & Freesia is the perfect scent to inhale while you’re figuring out what to wear in the mornings. The soft, dewy notes of this pretty floral scent mean it’s bursting with flowers and freshness. Tuck the Fragrance Diffuser, delicate and always on, near your wardrobe to give mornings a positive spin. Freesia and rose pair with fresh notes like green leaves and cucumber to take this floral to new, happy heights.

Explore all of the different fragrance families and find your perfect match here.

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