This inspired-by scent will take you there.

Step into the realm of endless sunshine and sultry warmth with our new home fragrance, Palm Springs Panache. One half of our limited-edition Summer Collection (it also includes Desert Divine – more about that here), it's an olfactory vacation in a sun-soaked haven where tall trees whisper their secrets into the wandering breeze. Every note tells a story of endless summers, fruity libations, and the desert's embrace.

Picture this: it’s a languid afternoon, and you’re poolside. As you adjust your bathing suit, the ambience shifts. The ice in your handcrafted drink clinks against the cut crystal glass, creating a melody that harmonises with the gentle rustle of palm fronds. On the menu? Mango and papaya cocktails, sweetened with agave nectar. The air around you is intoxicating, heavy with the scent of exotic fruit, musk, and the promise of relaxation. It's a fragrance that lingers – a memory forged in the sun's last light as it dips below the horizon.


The blue glass vessel, reminiscent of the endless California sky, elevates this candle into objets d’art, a centrepiece that captivates the eye. Like the setting sun, it casts a warm glow over any space it graces, its flickering flame mimicking the hues of an evening sky. A fruity gourmand with a symphony of tropical notes, this high-strength fragrance is a journey into the heart of a vibrant and luxurious Palm Springs paradise.


Papaya & Agave Nectar
380g triple scented soy candle

Fragrance Notes
Top: orange, grapefruit
Middle: papaya, mango, cassis
Bottom: musk, coconut water, agave nectar


Glasshouse Fragrances' limited edition Palms Springs Panache 380g Triple Scented Soy Candle, is available online at from 4th January 2024, while stocks last.