Gourmand Fragrances 101: Everything You Need to Know

This Popular Fragrance Family Is More Sophisticated Than You Think

Heard the term ‘gourmand’ before but not quite sure what it means? Allow us to explain. Also called ‘foodie fragrances’, gourmands are scents that showcase synthetic notes that make reference to all things edible. From sweet (chocolate, salted caramel, maple syrup) to savoury (coffee, toasted nuts, popcorn), if it’s evocative of something indulgent and scrumptious, it might just make an appearance. (FYI, gourmands can also feature citrus, fruits and non-edible notes like flowers, musk, amber and woods, to keep things nicely balanced.) In a nutshell: If you love dessert, this fragrance family will be just what your sweet tooth ordered.

According to Michael Edwards, global fragrance expert, all perfumes can be categorised into families. His famed Fragrance Wheel specifies: Soft Amber (carnation, incense), Amber (vanilla, musk, cinnamon), Woody Amber (patchouli, sandalwood, spice), Woods (cedarwood, vetiver), Mossy Woods (earth, woods, moss), Dry Woods (smoke, leather), Aromatic Fougere (lavender, herbs), Citrus (lemon, mandarin), Water (sea spray, wet air), Green (mowed grass, crushed green leaves), Fruity (peach, pear, apple), Floral (rose, jasmine, frangipani), Soft Floral (blooms with a powdery vibe) and Floral Amber (orange blossom, amber). Gourmands are a modern addition – a subgroup added to cover off the intoxicating scents that remind us of sweet treats, baked bread and lollies. It most often sits in the Amber family but can also slot under Fruity.

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