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Glasshouse Fragrances has long been known as a go-to destination for scent obsessives. (Matter of fact, we’re currently the leading home fragrance brand in Australia - no biggie.) Launched by co-founder and CEO Nicole Eckels way back in 2006, Glasshouse Fragrances started life as a premium candle brand. Even then, our brand ethos has always been that the power of fine perfume can transform the everyday. Now celebrating our fifteenth year, Glasshouse Fragrances is ready for a 2020 refresh.

Relaunching into market as a complete fragrance brand, we’re introducing a brand new line of fine fragrances (read: personal perfumes), plus luxuriously scented bodycare products, for a total of 100 exciting new SKUs. The foray into personal fragrance is one that’s been in the works for eons. “For the past several years, we have been launching home fragrance scents that were based on fine fragrances, many of which are revealed in this collection, so it only made sense to expand to personal care and perfume,” says Eckels. The decision to evolve was largely driven by consumer feedback: “We believe smell is the most powerful sense and our cult following agree - they wanted more and we listened.

With seven enticing new scents available, including the sharp and salty Diving Into Cyprus, floral explosion Forever Florence and vanilla-spiked gourmand Melbourne Muse, the Eau de Parfum fine fragrance collection will launch alongside matching body products. Perfect for perfume layering, pair your EDP with a coordinating shower gel or body lotion to ensure long-lasting sillage. What’s more, each new scent has been created by a world-class perfumer and is inspired by an inspiring destination or experience (like falling in love). We’re all about elevating your every day through evocative scent stories.

Our existing offering has also had a makeover and is sporting a fresh look, with our chic gold logos screen printed onto new streamlined glass vessels, and all-new packaging to boot. Keen to take a look? Discover and shop Glasshouse Fragrances new range.

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