There’s nothing worse than spritzing on your perfume at 8am only to find it’s disappeared by lunch. Especially during party season when you want your special scent to last all night. While people often ask which types of fragrance last the longest on skin (parfum contains the highest concentration, closely followed by eau de parfum), but the truth is once you learn how to layer scent you can amplify the effects of any perfume.

what is fragrance layering?

This simple technique involves building up the intensity of your personal scent through several different applications. The theory behind it is that by layering the same perfume onto your skin multiple times you’ll be able to boost its sillage (fragrance-speak for the olfactory trail created by a perfume when you wear it).

The good news? It works! Just be sure to choose products with a high concentration of fragrance for impact.


how do i layer fragrance?

It’s easy to get amongst. Start with a Glasshouse Fragrances Body Bar or Shower Gel in the scent of your choice, follow with a matching Body Lotion, then finish off with your actual perfume, an Eau de Parfum.

No matter which fragrance families you’re most drawn to, we have something to suit across the personal scent and body care categories. See: crowdpleasers Midnight In Milan (saffron and rose), Forever Florence (wild peonies and lily), Kyoto In Bloom (camellia and lotus) and Melbourne Muse (coffee flower and vanilla).



Rich in almond oil, vitamin E and shea butter to leave your skin soft and sweetly scented.


eau de parfum

Make it personal with our evocative Eau de Parfum Collection. Each one created without compromise and with its own distinctive character. Daringly potent and absolutely addictive.



This rich and decadent whipped body lotion with rosehip oil and shea butter leaves skin nourished and beautifully fragranced.



A luxurious and creamy shower gel with coconut oil and aloe vera to leave skin superbly soft, refreshed and beautifully fragrant.


gift sets

Sumptuous skin-softening hand duos and body duos.