Curated scents of balmy summer days.

What if we told you that just by lighting a candle or unboxing a diffuser or Scent Stems™ set, you could be transported straight to a summer holiday? It’s true. (And a lot cheaper than the real thing.) Infusing your space with an evocative, zesty and vibrant home fragrance is the quickest way to create the kind of ambience that unlocks blissful memories of island vacations past. All you need to do is close your eyes, then let the expertly blended notes of fruity sweetness and freshly cut florals carry you away to a sun-drenched haven.

Our edit of summer home fragrances includes six carefully curated scents, each one a stirring blend of notes. Intended to resonate with the breezy spirit of summer, these tantalising home fragrances evoke memories of sun-kissed days and sultry nights, and beckon those still to come. An appeal to invite the warmth of the season into your space, any one of them will transform your home into a sanctuary of vacay-inspired bliss.


Which summer scent are you? Find out below.



Sea Mist

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Notes of delicate freesia, aromatic thyme, and the herbaceous essence of tarragon weave a midday serenade, the softness of lavender and moss evoking the peaceful satisfaction of a siesta under the Mediterranean sun. Touched by the lingering embrace of sunshine and salt spray, it’ll have you craving an ice-cold limoncello.

sunsets in capri

White Peach & Sea Breeze
Fragrance Family: Fresh

Where the sun's warm embrace lingers in the air, and juicy peach, heady jasmine and creamy musk harmonise with breezy marine notes to create a captivating impression of tranquillity. Each burn is an invitation to experience the allure of an Italian sunset – a moment frozen in time, waiting to unfold with every inhale.


Wild Peonie & Lily
Fragrance Family: Floral

Wander through a Florentine flower market and feel the warm embrace of a radiant Tuscan sun. As you meander, the scent of peonies, jasmine, peach, lily and soft woods intertwine, creating a layered fragrance that unfolds like an ancient tapestry. A sensory journey across the seas, beauty reveals itself at every turn.


Vanilla Caramel
Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Embark on an olfactory voyage to the hidden gem of Tahaa, nestled in a turquoise expanse of the South Pacific, where the air is imbued with ambrosial notes: luscious caramel layered over pineapple and coconut. In this fragrant haven, vanilla bean and frankincense infuse the warm air with sweetness and complexity.


Coconut Lime

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Keen to get on island time? This enticing scent, a serenade of lime, coconut, and boozy vanilla, recalls an atmosphere where smiles are as abundant as the sunshine. Immerse yourself in a lively and sun-kissed Caribbean paradise, where Jamaican rhythms set your feet in motion and vibrant fragrance dances in the air.


Passionfruit & Lime
Fragrance Family: Gourmand

As exuberant as a city at carnival, it’s the fragrance equivalent of thousands (and thousands) of dancers shimmying on the streets – effervescent and exciting. Ripe passionfruit, zingy lime, juicy orange, and tart raspberry keep things moving at an electric pace, while rose and melon add sophistication and sweetness.