Our glass candle jars are 100% recyclable, but we delight in seeing customers come up with creative ways to reuse them. From holding cotton buds to storing spices, each empty vessel can be reused in dozens of ways thanks to the iconic Glasshouse Fragrances lid and air-tight rubber seal.  

A quick Google search will tell you there are a myriad of methods for cleaning every last skerrick of wax from candle jars. This is the approach we recommend: First, wipe out the vessel while the wax is still warm. If you need to, you can soak the jar in hot water first (avoid boiling water as it might crack the glass). Next, hand wash it as you would any glass, with dishwashing detergent and water. You could also pop it in the dishwasher. Repeat the process until the vessel is free from any wax.

Now you’ve got a sparkling clean vessel, what should you do with it? Here are a few of our favourite ideas.


Is there a more beautiful way to stash utilitarian cotton pads and q-tips than in a stylish Glasshouse Fragrances glass vessel? Not if you ask us! The perfect size to hold all your skincare essentials, our jars are also handy for storing makeup brushes, eye and lip pencils, nail clippers and files, perfume atomisers, hair clips and more.



If your spare pens could use a new home, consider repurposing one of your old Glasshouse Fragrances vessels as a makeshift desk organiser. The generous size allows for maximum storage while the transparent glass means you can see what’s inside (because everyone has a favourite pen, right?). Group a few for a pleasing vignette.



Keep things easy and choose a plant that doesn’t require drainage like a baby snake plant, pothos or small anthurium. (Tip: Steer clear of anything that doesn’t like ‘wet feet’.) Fill the vessel with potting soil then add your seedling. If you’re worried about overwatering, use a glass drill to add a drainage hole and sit on a saucer.



From pure and wholesome to dark and complex, this fragrance family has it all. Soliflores (single florals) reveal the beauty of solitary blooms, while fruit evokes sugary pastilles and spice lends sex appeal. Better than a bouquet of the real thing.


In a word: evocative. This fragrance family’s signature is highly aromatic notes like heady vanilla, smoky incense and complex spices, sometimes blended with citrus, leaves and fruit for freshness. Expect to be transported to exotic far-flung places.


Outrageously indulgent. If you love dessert, this fragrance family will be just what your sweet tooth ordered. Edible notes of creamy vanilla, buttery caramel, nutty praline and sugared fruit combine to create scrumptious scents worth swooning over.


Splashes of bright citrus, grassy green notes and breezy aquatic accords meld to make this fragrance family a breath of freshly-scented air. Uplifting and light on the nose, these scents are happy-making. They’ll make you think of sea and sunshine.


Intensely earthy, this elegant fragrance family is dominated by rich, warm woods. Cedar and oud play a starring role, blended with accents of leather, spice and aromatics like vetiver and herbal patchouli. A brisk walk through a lush forest, bottled.


A classic for a reason, this enigmatic fragrance family is the ultimate in sophistication. Traditionally a combination of five components (citrus, floral, wood, oakmoss and amber), these complex scents swing from dark and rich to sheer and sensual.